What is The California Carriage and Horse Powered Museum?

 CCHPM was founded by individuals who have a passion and deep understanding of the importance of the horse drawn era and the role manufacturing and use of these vehicles played in bringing our nation to the international stage for transportation, industry, and food production. These individuals have each taken a seat on the board of directors and are committed to the realization of a comprehensive and functioning museum, which is to include educational benefits through an interactive experience.


Mission Statement:

The California Carriage and Horse Powered Museum is a nonprofit organization working to conserve, restore, and protect the artifacts of the Horse Powered Era.  Presenting to our current and future generations the opportunity to experience, research and educate in the rich history of our past.

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The Collection

The museum has recently received, through pledges of donation and loan, fourteen vehicles ready for museum display.  The board of directors is also continuing discussion with Mr. Joseph Miller for acquisition of the Pierce Miller Collection which is comprised of approximately 120 vehicles. All of these artifacts are of historical significance to California as they were used in the Central Valley and Yosemite National Park.  Many pieces were manufactured in the region as well.

Henderson Mudwagon                                                              U. S. Army Supply Wagon

Auto Seat Buggy                                                                Extension Top Surrey